Imperial Court of Seattle

Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties

Rainier 46 Rob Haggard-Bonesteel
Olympia 49 The Ladie Chablis


2019 R Place Slayers

R Place Wolfpack 4th Place
Palm Springs Tournament 2019


R Place Warhawks Sin City 2019


2018 R Place Warhawks


2018 R Place Wolfpack
Palm Springs Winter Classic Tournament

2018 R Place Seattle Slayers
Palm Springs Winter Classic Tournament

Cast and Guests
Lashes Christmas Spectacular 2017

"R Place Seattle H.I.V.E. 2017 Volleyball Team "


"R Place Seattle Warhawks 2017"


"R Place Seattle Wolfpack 2017"


"R Place Seattle Ballhawks 2017"


"R Place Seattle Saints 2017"


"R Place Seattle Ice 2017 "


"R Place Seattle Plastix 2017"